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Facebook is no longer just a platform for online communication. It provides users with numerous opportunities and features and one of them is searching of events. Every year, millions of people use this social network to find an event they want to go to on the weekend. Due to this incredibly useful feature, the chances to miss an amazing festival, concert or party is equal to zero.

Today, we have improved this feature and we are glad to present you a new app – Events from Facebook. This application is a perfect solution for those who are seeking where to hang out with friends this evening or how to spend the weekend. Now you will always be aware about all events in your area and you will not miss any of them.

a new app for findngs things to do with friends

How This App Works

This application offers you several ways of searching for desirable events. When you open the app, you can view the events that your friends are going to visit, the events announced on the pages you visited or the updates of the events that you have chosen to visit.

If you are feeling bored this evening or don’t know where to go this weekend, you can open the app and browse the events. The recommendation of the event will be made based on the time you chose, location and your interests. You can also choose events in other cities that you are going to visit.

Besides, you can use this application with the calendar. That way, you can check whether you are free on a certain day or if you have already planned an event for that time. It significantly simplifies making plans if you use the calendar alongside with the Facebook event app.

The events you chose using the app will be visible on your Facebook page. It allows your friends monitoring what events you have already visited and which ones you are interested in. It can also help you to find a company or a companion if you don’t want to go alone.

This application is available for Apple users and can be downloaded in App Store. The Android users will be able to use it in the nearest future too.


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